Monday's Girl - Rebellion Redefined

She like anything white.. paint it ALL white! She is fueled by cold pressed juices and protein bars. Her wedding will be small and intimate.. No bridal party.. Less is more.. Good wine and good food are most important to her.  They're thinking of heading back to Australia for their honeymoon, but she is a self made #girlboss, so she'll want to be back in the studio soon. 

Favorite Music Artist: Angus and Julia Stone

Favorite Book: Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

Favorite Pastime: W O R K

Can't Live Without: Her pups

What she loves most about him: He stays on the phone until she falls asleep. 

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport
the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport
the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport





Tricia Stewart
Bridal Gown Designers on Etsy

No one thinks "Etsy" when bridal gown shopping, do they? We asked 15 girls if they had ever thought about purchasing their bridal gown from Etsy and guess what? They all said "no".  So, being an Etsy addict, I felt compelled to highlight my favorite Etsy bridal gown designers. All of these designers have positive reviews and their gowns range from $600-$2000. 

Before I posted this publicly, I showed it to a couple of my wedding planning clients. “Ummm, no freaking way” and “What’s the return policy”? were my two favorite replies when asked if they would consider Etsy for their bridal gown, so I felt COMPELLED to reach out to brides who purchased their gowns on Etsy and NOTHING BUT POSITIVE REVIEWS! Now, I should mention that I only reached out to the consumers of the brands I listed below. I am not attempting to persuade anyone to purchase their gown on Etsy, I just want to show you that there are affordable, well made options for bridal gowns and accessories. ENJOY!

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Tricia Stewart
Monday's Girl - The Hopeless Romantic

Monday blues gotcha down? You just need a little inspiration and we’re happy to provide just that. Every Monday we’ll be posting a new wedding theme. Each theme represents a different kind of “Nouveau” bride. We hope you enjoy the collections as much as we enjoyed creating them. 

Favorite Music Artist - James Blake

Favorite Fragrance - Le Labo's AnOther 13 eau de parfum

Favorite Accessorie -  Her Barton Perreira Sunglasses


hopeless romantic1.jpg
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hopeless romantic.jpg



"Wow Factor" Welcome Bags - Volume 1

It's all in the details.. We hear this time and time again in the Wedding Industry. We have a lot of rules we live by, in terms of how we approach design, one being that details ALWAYS matter. The term "no one will even notice" is taboo in the studio. DETAILS MATTER.  Actually, the smallest details matter the most. Tossing random items into a basket and calling it a welcome bag is not so welcoming. Use this as an opportunity to personalize their wedding experience. This is one area where having a theme is not frowned upon. Concepts vs Themes = we'll explore that in a later blog post. We are suckers for pretty packing and I think most of us can agree that thoughtful packaging makes everything taste, smell, and feel better. Right?! So, here is our list of items that are thoughtfully packaged. 

Chocolate bars by Mast Brothers

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport
the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport
the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport

Organic Cracklings  by Epic Bar

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport

All Natural Soap by Keats

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport

Granola by Sakara

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport

Travel Sized Gin by The Perfect Measure

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport
the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport

Serious Popcorn from Causley Fresh

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport