5 Alternatives to the Signature Cocktail

With the #SoberScene on the rise, hosts are becoming more and more aware of offering crafty cocktails, sans alcohol.. Did you know that less than 20% of your guests actually consume the signature cocktail?  Most of our clients admit that it’s all about the cute signage, and we totally get it, so we’ve created a list of non-alcoholic alternatives that your breast feeding mamma’s will swoon over. 




Seedlip Spice 94: 50ml/2oz 

Sandows Cold Brew Concentrate: 50ml/2oz 

Sugar Syrup: 15ml/0.5oz 

Garnish: 3x Coffee Beans


 Unfortunately, we aren't all lucky enough to get our hands on a Nectar and Stone delicacy, but you get the idea. Popsicles serve the same purpose as a beverage (for the most part), and there are countless ways to personalize them. Consider branding the packaging the distinguish between "his" and "hers",  add edible flowers, stamp your wedding logo on the popsicle stick, serve them in a glass of sparkling water, and ETC. 


Treat your guests to a shot of  cold pressed juice to get their energy levels ready to dance the night away. Customize your labels, use a play on words (SHOTS ALL AROUND!!), serve them in personalized shot glasses, and don't overlook all the possibilities of a unique display method. 

the- nouveau- wedding -planner- and -florist- shreveport


  1. Place your favorite tea leaves in large clear jars and label them

  2. Ask your guests to write out their recipes and name them. You can type out some basic recipes too to kick start the creating.

  3. Supply lots of shallow bowls and spoons for your guests to mix their custom blends

  4. Small paper or glassine bags are the perfect way to package up their blends if they choose to take them home.

  5. Supply plenty of tea strainers, tea cups, and hot water.

SHRUB-MOCKTAIL BAR - The (slightly) healthier cocktail/mocktail mix alternative you should know about.

We're going to refer to our friends at WILD HEART EVENTS to breakdown the definition of a shrub bar. Click here to get the deets. We had one at our launch party and people are still talking about it!