Monday's Girl - Wild at Heart

She's the wild card. Always the first on the dance floor and last to go home. She carries her heart on her sleeve and believes that every person has a soul mate. She makes wishes by the sight of falling stars and rarely misses a sunrise. 

Wedding Florals: BOLD and BRIGHT. No roses.. too ordinary.. lots of anemones and scabiosas. 

Wedding Music: She knows the hottest DJ in town and he owes her a favor. He swore he would never DJ a wedding, but everyone in the club will be at her wedding, so it just made sense... 

Wedding Cocktails - Rose all day

Honeymoon - Santorini, Greece. 7 days in a thong, yes please!



Monday's Girl - Rebellion Redefined

She like anything white.. paint it ALL white! She is fueled by cold pressed juices and protein bars. Her wedding will be small and intimate.. No bridal party.. Less is more.. Good wine and good food are most important to her.  They're thinking of heading back to Australia for their honeymoon, but she is a self made #girlboss, so she'll want to be back in the studio soon. 

Favorite Music Artist: Angus and Julia Stone

Favorite Pastime: W O R K

Can't Live Without: Her Kristen Ess hair products

What she loves most about him: He stays on the phone until she falls asleep. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 3.39.58 PM.png





Bridal Gown Designers on Etsy

No one thinks "Etsy" when bridal gown shopping, do they? We asked 15 girls if they had ever thought about purchasing their bridal gown from Etsy and guess what? They all said "no".  So, being an Etsy addict, I felt compelled to highlight my favorite Etsy bridal gown designers. All of these designers have positive reviews and their gowns range from $600-$2000. 

cathy telle 3.jpg




Monday's Girl - The Hopeless Romantic

Monday blues gotcha down? You just need a little inspiration and we’re happy to provide just that. Every Monday we’ll be posting a new wedding theme. Each theme represents a different kind of “Nouveau” bride. We hope you enjoy the collections as much as we enjoyed creating them. 

Favorite Music Artist - James Blake

Favorite Fragrance - Le Labo's AnOther 13 eau de parfum

Favorite Accessorie -  Her Barton Perreira Sunglasses


hopeless romantic1.jpg
hr hair.jpg
hopeless romantic.jpg



"Wow Factor" Welcome Bags - Volume 1

It's all in the details.. We hear this time and time again in the Wedding Industry. We have a lot of rules we live by, in terms of how we approach design, one being that details ALWAYS matter. The term "no one will even notice" is taboo in the studio. DETAILS MATTER.  Actually, the smallest details matter the most. Tossing random items into a basket and calling it a welcome bag is not so welcoming. Use this as an opportunity to personalize their wedding experience. This is one area where having a theme is not frowned upon. Concepts vs Themes = we'll explore that in a later blog post. We are suckers for pretty packing and I think most of us can agree that thoughtful packaging makes everything taste, smell, and feel better. Right?! So, here is our list of items that are thoughtfully packaged. 

Chocolate bars by Mast Brothers

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 3.48.46 PM.png

Organic Cracklings  by Epic Bar

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.16.00 PM.png

All Natural Soap by Keats


Granola by Sakara


Travel Sized Gin by The Perfect Measure

pervect measure gin.jpg

Serious Popcorn from Causley Fresh


Epic Wedding Dress Designers - Volume 1

One of the most difficult decisions you'll face during your planning process is choosing the perfect bridal gown. It's also one of the most costly investments you'll make. On top of that, you only get one shot to get it right! We will be posting a weekly list of bridal gown designers that need to be on your radar. Here are a few of our favorites from each designer. 



Dress made out of three layers of French silk tulle. This wedding dress can be worn with the Liso or Nardo slip-dress underneath if desired.
This dress can also be worn with two different types of belts.


Valentina by Elizabeth Riggs

The Valentina features a striking and timeless contrast of Black and Ivory using French imported lace and Italian silk Taffeta. This design comes in 2 pieces. The skirt is 100% silk and lined in charmeuse satin. 

Emily RIggs Valentina.jpg

Willow Gown by One Day


Lavender Lace by Cathy Telle


Sullivan by Sarah Seven

This sweet sleeve is a perfect pairing with a bold front slit, unexpected cutouts, and an elegant train. She is romantic, adventurous, and feminine through and through. 


Coralia Gown by Carol Hannah

Linearly banded constrained ballgown with leather macrame strapping. 


Insider Tips from a Wedding Venue Manager

There are a million and one wedding tips on Pinterest to assist you in your journey of selecting the perfect wedding venue. This is great.. The venue is one of the most important elements of the process, so it’s important to be educated.  Along with running The Nouveau Wedding, I am also a venue manager. When I sit down with couples who don’t have a wedding planner, I make sure to communicate every single detail that I feel they need to know, because chances are, they aren’t quite sure what to ask. I also always encourage them to make a list of questions to take with them to every venue appointment. Here are a few questions that I rarely get asked, but feel should be included on every bride’s questionnaire. 

1. Who will be my point of contact and will they be present on the day of my wedding? Ideally, you will only have one point of contact and they will be present throughout the entire process. If the venue does not require the venue manager to be present for your wedding, ask to meet the person who will be in charge on the day of. You’ll want to build a relationship with whoever is in charge of taking care of you and your guests. 

2. What is your cancellation policy if we change the date? This is especially important if you are military or have an engagement period longer than 1.5 years

3. Can we drop off decor a few days prior to the wedding? Hey… the worst they can say is “no”. 

4. Can we come by when the room is set up for a wedding to gather ideas? Chances are, they are more than willing to let you, but they’re probably not going to offer the opportunity if you don’t ask. Side Note: If you do visit the venue on the day of someone else’s wedding, trust us when we say “the venue manager will NOT have time to stop and answer questions.” Don’t take it personally. 

5. Will my vendors get an opportunity to view the space before the day of the wedding? If you have a wedding planner, this is not really that important, but we highly recommend that your photographer have a chance to check the lighting before the wedding day. 

 Swan Coach House

Swan Coach House

 Race and Religious

Race and Religious



 Here are a few additional tips to be aware of when working with wedding venues.

If you are willing to have your wedding on a weekday, discounts will most likely be granted.

If you plan on doing a “first look” before the ceremony, do a walk through with your photographer to choose the location ahead of time.

Ask the venue manager’s opinion of your floor plan. They’ve seen countless weddings in that particular space and they are your best resource for what works and what doesn’t. 

When venues recommend vendors, ask them what they are making their recommendations based on.

If you have an extensive floral design, ask permission for the florist to come in a day prior to build the foundation and drop off supplies. 

Make sure to have a conversation about what happens to the flowers if you don’t take them with you. 

Happy Hunting!

 Marigny Opera House

Marigny Opera House

 Aynhoe Park

Aynhoe Park



Hair and Makeup Trends for 2018-2019

We can sum it up in 2 words. Effortlessly Chic. DISCLAIMER: We always, always, always, encourage our clients to choose their hair and makeup details based on what makes them feel the most radiant.  It truly is that simple, however, the truth of the matter is, trends do influence decisions. Halos and Tiaras are making a comeback, and so are braids. The 2017 trend on the runway was hair bows and low ponytails, and we'll be seeing that trend merge into the wedding industry this year as well. The dewey foundation has always been one our favorite wedding day styles, but now we have the "IT'S TRENDING" stamp to use as leverage. We've compiled a list of images for you to share with your stylist. 

Low Up Do's




Halos, Hairpins, and Crowns

hair pins.jpg

Velvet Hair Bows + Pony Tails


The #1 Most Overlooked Decor Detail...

The linens.... We get it. Most venues come with free tablecloths and free is a good thing, right? While we can’t argue that free is, well, free, we can tell you that investing in quality linens is one of the easiest ways to  elevate your design.

Sourcing decor for your event can be intimidating. Most of these companies require a wholesale account and will only sell to wedding industry vendors, so we recommend sharing this guide with your florist, wedding planner, and/or stylist. Below are our list of linen favorites. 

The Tuscany collection from LaTavola Linens

Details:  A textured raw linen sets the table for the natural, understated Tuscany Collection. This collection exudes effortless culture and timeless style. You just can’t beat a raw linen texture. 

Favorite Colors: Wedgwood, Silver, Natural, Plum, White

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 7.08.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 7.23.30 PM.png

The Velvet collection from BBJ Linen

Details: Adding velvet creates that ethereal, fine art look that brides have been drooling over this year.  We use it often on the grooms cake table, as well as the guest tables.

Favorite Colors: Bone, Rose Quartz, Gold


The Ivory linen from LaTavola Linens' Nuovo Collection

Details: Ivory is a tough color. It’s either too yellow or too khaki. This is the truest Ivory we’ve found on the market.


Handloom Weave Table Runner by Silk and Willow

Details: Their Table Linens are hand loomed and naturally dyed with sustainably gathered plant materials. You can’t go wrong with any of their colors. We use their Antique White for ceiling drapes, table runners, and cake tables. 


The Beatrice Linen from LaTavola Linens

Details: The detail work in this linen in stunning. If your budget allows, we recommend using it on all of the guest tables, but if you had to choose just one table, we recommend placing on the cake table. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.05.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.05.33 PM.png

Rosewood Cora by BBJ Linen

Rosewood Cora is a distinctive blend of old fashioned elegance and modern appeal. We usually alternate this linen with BBJ's Cameo or White linen. It's also perfect for catering and cake tables. 


Epic Bridesmaids Gifts

Your girls love you, otherwise they wouldn't have spent (on average) $500 to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Bridesmaids gifts have become "cutesy" over the last few years. Chances are, if you google "bridesmaids gifts", your search will reveal the fact that "bride tribe" was trending in 2016, and customized tumblers were hot in 2017. We say ditch the trends. Go for something that says you value their friendship all year round. Here is our first edition of Epic Bridesmaids Gift Options under $25. 

Darling Magazine - $10

More than a print magazine, Darling redefines beauty and empowers women to own their unique potential. Media that makes you feel loved, not less. We feel like EVERY girl should have a subscription!

Anthropologie Satin Ponytail Holders - $12

Style No. 46288486 ; Color Code: 065

  • Set of six
  • Satin, elastic
  • 4 colors

Carry On Cocktail Kits - $24

The Carry On Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to mix up two delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet. Whether you’re in the mood for a proper Old Fashioned, the perfect Gin & Tonic or a spicy Moscow Mule, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is the ultimate traveler’s companion.

Translucent Heart Shaped Sunglasses - $10

We actually get hearts in our eyes when we look at these heart shaped sunglasses.  Heart eyes on heart eyes XOXO.. And how cute will these look in your bridesmaids pics?

 Embroidered Gift Card Holders - $6

Purchase a gift card from one of your favorite local coffee shops within walking distance of their hotel and tuck it into one of these adorable gift card holders. 



5 Alternatives to the Signature Cocktail

With the #SoberScene on the rise, hosts are becoming more and more aware of offering crafty cocktails, sans alcohol.. Did you know that less than 20% of your guests actually consume the signature cocktail?  Most of our clients admit that it’s all about the cute signage, and we totally get it, so we’ve created a list of non-alcoholic alternatives that your breast feeding mamma’s will swoon over. 




Seedlip Spice 94: 50ml/2oz 

Sandows Cold Brew Concentrate: 50ml/2oz 

Sugar Syrup: 15ml/0.5oz 

Garnish: 3x Coffee Beans


 Unfortunately, we aren't all lucky enough to get our hands on a Nectar and Stone delicacy, but you get the idea. Popsicles serve the same purpose as a beverage (for the most part), and there are countless ways to personalize them. Consider branding the packaging the distinguish between "his" and "hers",  add edible flowers, stamp your wedding logo on the popsicle stick, serve them in a glass of sparkling water, and ETC. 


Treat your guests to a shot of  cold pressed juice to get their energy levels ready to dance the night away. Customize your labels, use a play on words (SHOTS ALL AROUND!!), serve them in personalized shot glasses, and don't overlook all the possibilities of a unique display method. 



  1. Place your favorite tea leaves in large clear jars and label them
  2. Ask your guests to write out their recipes and name them. You can type out some basic recipes too to kick start the creating.
  3. Supply lots of shallow bowls and spoons for your guests to mix their custom blends
  4. Small paper or glassine bags are the perfect way to package up their blends if they choose to take them home.
  5. Supply plenty of tea strainers, tea cups, and hot water. 

SHRUB-MOCKTAIL BAR - The (slightly) healthier cocktail/mocktail mix alternative you should know about.

We're going to refer to our friends at WILD HEART EVENTS to breakdown the definition of a shrub bar. Click here to get the deets. We had one at our launch party and people are still talking about it!





Wedding Ceremony Programs - Should We?

The primary purpose of a wedding ceremony program is to guide your guests through the ceremony. Most programs include the names of the bride and groom, the members of the wedding party, a ceremony itinerary, readings, and music details. Programs also help your guests feel more engaged. Having witnessed more than my fair share of ceremonies, I can say, without hesitation, that guests pay more attention to the ceremony when they have a program in their hand. If you are hesitant to spend money on something you feel is going to be left on the chair or thrown away, make a point to personalize the program by adding a small paragraph, thanking your guests for attending, or perhaps surprise your parents with a “thank-you” portion written especially for them. Another helpful idea is to add directions to the reception venue.

When my clients ask me if they should include a wedding program, I ask them to consider the following:

  1. Will your ceremony include more than one reading? 

  2. Do the majority of your guests personally know the wedding party?

  3. Was wedding stationary on your list of the top 5 most important elements of your wedding?

  4. Do you feel this will enhance your guests experience? (BTW, you will hear me ask this questions a million and one times throughout the blog). 

  5. Can this be a “wow factor” opportunity? - We’ll talk more about “wow factors” later. 

If you do decide to include a wedding program, make it memorable. It’s the first thing they are given when they walk in the door. It’s your first opportunity to say “welcome” and “thank you for celebrating with us”.  In terms of design, they should be cohesive with your wedding stationary and theme. We’ve seen programs printed on tambourines, fans, confetti bags, wooden boxes, photographs, but  my favorite trend in wedding programs is binding them with silk ribbon, rayon cord, twine, and leather. Also, consider using handmade paper. Adding a variety of textures and fabrics shows your guests that you were thoughtful in your design, which translates in to making them feel truly appreciated for attending.