“Hi.. I'm Tricia.. Creative Director of The Nouveau Wedding. This year marks my 18th year in the Wedding Industry.  I've worked on every side of it, from Venue Manager, to Stylist, to Florist, to Planner. I want nothing more than to create a beautiful experience for you to join in unity for the rest of your lives. At the end of the day, If I have contribute, in the tiniest way, to something as beautiful and authentic as the love between two human beings, I'm fulfilled. Wholeheartedly fulfilled. 

"It takes more than a vision to plan a wedding. Tricia has earned her reputation as one of the most highly skilled Planners in our region."

 -  Brittany Strickland, Photographer


"Tricia made Emily’s wedding a dream come true by paying attention to detail, and talking to the diffferent vendors on our behalf. It all happened behind the scenes. My daughter’s wedding was called a “fairytale wedding” by some people.

 - The Felty's

Remarkable costumer service, so dependable, professional and responsive! Allows for your dream wedding to be created. For me, styling is hard so Tricia guided me and created a style that fits me perfectly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!! "

- Amanda M